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Fan's Guide to Swimming and Diving Page 4 of 5 (Pool Diagram)

1- History & Object
2- Strokes
3-The Essentials (events, scoring, etc.)

4- Pool Diagram
5- Diving

Field of Play

swimming pool diagram

Pool sizes vary by school. Some pools are 25 yards, while others are 25 meters. Some pools have as few as 4 lanes, while others have up to 10. However, they have several common features:

Lane lines: Divide the lanes and reduce waves from competitors.

Starting blocks: Elevated steps from which swimmers dive into the water to start a race or leg of a relay.

Flags: Signal to backstrokers that they are approaching the end of the pool. Positioned five yards from each end of the pool.

Wall: A lap is the distance from one wall to the other, either 25 yards or 25 meters.

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