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About Us:

Mission statement

To support athletics by educating spectators and creating fundraising opportunities for teams.


In the News

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Message from the founder

Bryan Jones

As an avid sports fan and former high school coach, I know how much more enjoyable it is to watch a sport when you understand the game. My vision was to create a product that is beneficial to schools, spectators, teams, and athletes. I have created sports guides that accomplish that goal; these informational guides educate spectators and help schools and teams raise money. 

Athletics was an important part of my high school experience and continues to be integral to my life. The funds raised selling these guides can be used to bolster high school athletics through the purchase of better equipment, payments for tournament fees, trophies, and more. Also, educating spectators can increase turnout at games and provide better communication between athletes and their families. Through a commitment to support athletics, we all can provide youth with the structure they need to develop leadership and teamwork skills, and to live an active and healthy lifestyle. For more information on the benefits of high school sports participation, I recommend NFHS’s “The Case for High School Activities.”

Additionally, I am pleased to announce that I have pledged a portion of every sale to Positive Coaching Alliance, a non-profit that improves the youth sports experience by focusing on the life lessons that can be learned through sports.


Bryan Jones
President & Founder