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$1,920 Profit for One Team

SportSpectator Sponsorship Fundraising Success Story

• A single wrestling club team in Colorado

• Funds Collected: $2,420
• Cost: $500 (200 guides @ $2.50 per guide)
• Profit: $1,920 (79%)

Revenue Breakdown
• Sponsorship: $1,650 from business card inserts
• Reselling: $20 in donations when distributing guides
• Misc.: $750 from sponsors that did not require business card inserts in return

Sponsorship Approach
• One parent sold ad spaces to local businesses
• He asked businesses for the most they could afford to support the club. The target was $250 total per sponsor ($1.25 per slot). Actual received per slot ($1.38)
• All 6 slots were filled on every guide
• Club offered to print cards (local printer donated printing- $130 value)

• Handed out at a tournament upon entrance and during the match in the stands
• Accepted donations from spectators that wished to contribute

Quote from the organizer
“[Businesses] were very impressed by the brochures, which I think really helped us get high sponsorship numbers.”
Michelle Caragol
Yampa Valley Wrestling Club