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Fundraising Program Comparison

Option #1 Sponsorship
Option #2 Reselling
Program overview: Parents, coach, and/or athletes sell advertising to local businesses. Business cards are inserted into slots on the guides and the product is distributed for free at games. You keep 100% of collected funds. Teams resell guides for a profit to parents, neighbors, friends, and spectators.
Process overview: 1. You order a kit
2. We mail you a fundraising kit and work with you to develop a program
3. You pre-sell advertising to local sponsors using the sample guide
4. You place an order based on quantity of ads received
5. You insert cards into the slots on guides and distribute to fans for free
1. You order a kit
2. We mail you a fundraising kit and help you develop a program
3. You order guides based on fundraising goal
4. You sell guides to family, friends, etc. of players
5. Return unsold guides and only pay for what you sell
Cost The kit is only $4.99, the price that one guide sell for retail.

Your team will then receive a 50% discount ($2.50) on the retail guides that are ordered after you have sold the advertising!
The kit is only $4.99, the price that one guide sell for retail.

Pay for the rest of the order after you fundraise ($2.50 per guide). Only pay for what you sell- return unused guides!
Fundraising potential Varies by support of community. Increasing ad pricing and quantity will increase amount raised. $470-$2,000 is a good range.
• Examples: Teams distributing 50 guides at $2 a slot will raise $470 profit. Teams distributing 200 guides at $2 a slot will earn $1,900 profit.
The more you sell, the more you make. More guides per player increases fundraising.
• Example: A team of 40 that sells 10 guides per player will earn $1,000 profit.
Recommended time frame 2 week max 1 day- 2 weeks
Which program is right for me? • Strong community support from local businesses
• Parents, coaches, or athletes with ability to sell ads
• Strong family and community support of athletes to buy guides
• Parents and spectators who would benefit from informational guides

Option #3: Combined program
Run both programs and dramatically increase your fundraising potential!
If you have parents, coaches, or athletes capable of selling ads, a supportive business community, and a community that will buy guides, consider running both the sponsorship and reselling programs.

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