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Basketball Fundraising & Education

Educational guides raise funds while teaching fans about basketball

basketball fundraiser

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Fundraising Benefits
Educational Benefits

• Unique fundraiser that educates fans
• Simple and effective
• Two great options: get sponsorship or re-sell
• Designed to raise $500 to $2,000 per team

• Teach fans basketballl basics
• Better than a rulebook -- clear and concise
• Increase attendance
• Enhance parent/athlete communication

One team raised $1,920 at a single event. Find out how by reading this success story.

Two great ways to fundraise with these educational guides:

1. Obtain local sponsorships: Slots in center panel for 6 business cards allow you to obtain local sponsorships. You keep 100% of sponsorship dollars. Low risk. Sell advertising before you place a larger order. Learn more....

2. Re-sell guides for profit: Teams receive discount on guides and re-sell to family, friends, and neighbors for a profit. Low risk. Return unused guides at no cost. Pay for guides after you fundraise. Learn more....

Order a fundraising kit or contact us to have a representative answer questions via email or phone.

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