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Water Polo Gift Ideas: Equipment

The following is a list of water polo equipment gift ideas for water polo players.

Water Polo Equipment
Swim Bag or Backpack
Sammy towels
Swim suit
Swim cap
Pull Buoys

Swim Bag or Backpack ($25-75)
It is nice for players to have a good bag that can carry towels, suits, etc. when they go to practices and games. There are two main options: duffel or backpack. The bag should be large enough to store street clothes in the bag while the player is in the water, but small enough to fit into a gym locker. Getting a bag that is specifically designed for swimmers and water polo players is great because the bags have special compartments for suit to dry, goggles, etc. Speedo, TYR, and Nike make swim specific bags.

Sammy towels ($10-15)
These are super-absorbent towels that are great for drying off after practices or games. Swimmers and divers use these all the time. These small towels don’t take up much space in the bag and are designed so that you can easily wring them out to dry.

Water polo is mainly played outdoors and players are exposed to the sun frequently. Water polo players are always in need of more sunscreen. Here is an obvious piece of advice- buy the water proof kind.

Ball ($30)
The major water polo ball equipment maker is Mikassa, although other companies such as Baiden do produce balls. The team should already have balls, but it is nice for a player to have a ball to use outside of practice to work on ball-handling skills. Mikassa is the recommended ball manufacturer, although several other companies, such as Baiden, do carry water polo balls as well. In fact, Mikassa has developed a ball that they call a "dry ball," designed specifically for developing skills outside of the pool. However, some people have complained that these balls are an akward size. A regular ball will function just fine as well. Make sure that you purchase the right size ball. There are different sizes for men's and women's water polo balls.

Swim suit
water polo players usually wear 2 suits during games and practice- an under-suit and a top-suit. The under-suit is usually more elastic. The outer-suit is designed to withstand tearing (usually made of lycra). This is a tough gift to get right for someone else. Popular brands include Speedo and TYR.

Goggles are all about fit and different goggles fit different players in varying comfort. Popular brands include Speedo, TYR, Barracuda, and View. Swedish goggles are another option, but players either love or hate this type of goggle.

Swim cap
Swim caps are more a gift for female players (or male players with longer hair). During practices and games, long hair needs to be contained in a swim cap.

Some swimmers and water polo players like to swim with fins to focus on leg workouts. Often, players use shorter fins for this training. This isn't a highly recommended gift because it depends a lot on the training plan of the team and the individual athlete. It is a better gift for the player who also practices on his own. Mono-fins can also be an interesting gift idea. A monofin is a single fin that both feet fit into. Swimmers are forced to use butterfly kick when wearing a monofin.

Pull Buoys
A pull buoy is a flotation device that a swimmer can put in-between his legs so that his lower body floats while swimming without kicking. Pull buoys are used to strengthen the upper body. Pull buoys are often used in combination with paddles. Most swim teams and water polo teams already have pull buoys, so this is not a good gift unless your athlete trains on his own.

Paddles increase the surface are of the hand and are used to strengthen the upper body in swim practice. Paddles are often used in combination with pull buoys. Most swim teams and water polo teams already have paddles, so this is not a good gift unless your athlete trains on his own.

Kickboards are floatation devices that a swimmer can hold in front of him so that he can focus on kicking. Most swim teams and water polo teams already have kickboards, so this is not a good gift unless your athlete trains on his own.

Stretch cord & drag belts are specialized swim training equipment.

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