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Water Polo Gift Ideas: Accessories

Below is a list of categories for gift ideas for water polo players.

MP3 Players (including underwater options)
MP3 Player Accessories
Sports Watch
Cameras (digital, disposable, underwater)
Misc. (key chains, stickers, magnets, etc.)

MP3 Player
Regular MP3 player- An MP3 player is great for tournaments, in-between games, and traveling time. The most popular gift is the IPOD. The technology is changing so quickly on all MP3 players. Features are contantly being added and prices are always dropping. Our suggestion is to stick with the most popular player- the iPod. iPods vary in memory and functionality, so you'll have plenty options. Most importatly, since it is the most portable player, iPods have the most accessories developed by 3rd party companies.

Waterproof MP3s- Conditioning for water polo includes swim practice and sometimes hours straight of swimming. A water proof MP3 player can break up the monotony. If the primary use for the MP3 player is going to be underwater, it is preferable to get one of the MP3 players that is designed specifically for swimming rather than trying to waterproof your existing MP3 player. The Finis SwiMP3 and the Freestyle Audio Fusion are examples of MP3s designed for swimming. Beware that the reviews for both of these products are lukewarm.

Waterproof your existing MP3 player- H2O Audio produces a casing for iPods and some other devices, but the reviews have been pretty negative. If you do intend to use a casing for an existing MP3 player, you will probably need to get the arm band from H20 as well. In general, the review of the H20 products is that it is a great concept, but that it doesn't always work well. I suggest you read some online reviews on or before purchasing.

MP3 Player Accessories
There are a bunch of great accessories for MP3 players that are great gift ideas.P

Portable speakers: One of my favorites for water polo players is the portable speakers. This is great for tournaments in-between games. Players can plug in their MP3 players to the speakers to share thier music with teammates. The Sonic Impact i-Fusion and Creative TravelSound are portable and have received good reviews, Other good speakers for MP3 players include the Bose SoundDock & Altec Lansing InMotion iM7, althought they are not very portable (designed more for use in a room).

Headphones: The headphones that come with most MP3 players (including the iPod headphones) are awful. The top of the line headphones are the Shure E4C earbuds (great but pricy). There are plenty of good options are less expensive.

Sports Watch
Players can’t wear watches during games or water polo practice, but a large part of the sport is swimming conditioning. There are some great waterproof watches that are good gifts. In general, here are the things you should look for in a watch for a water polo player: must be waterproof, digital, large display so that it can be read underwater, split/lap functions so that players can track sets when swimming. The Speedo "Men Rec. Digital Watch" is about $25 and the Speedo Beecher is an analog watch for about $30. Timex, Nike, and Casio also offers watches designed for sports use.

Digital Cameras- A digital camera is a great gift idea for a water polo player to capture moments at tournaments, practice, and travelling to games. There are coutless digital camera options and we are not going to try to tell the detials of every camera. A good all-around compact camera is Cannon's Digital Elph. Every year they come out with a new camera and they are reasonably priced for such a compact camera. You can also get good deals on the Digital Elphs that have been out for 6 months to a couple of years. Even the older versions will meet most of your point and shoot needs. The Elph is great for regular shots, but it is not a high-end action-sports camera. If you want to get a good sports camera, you will have to trade in for a bigger camera and/or a heaftier pricetag. For your more complex camera needs, we suggest visiting a few stores that have decent customer service, such as Good Guys, Best Buy, etc. to get help with what camera works best for your needs. Then go back home and compare prices online before purchasing. Or go to to read some of the reviews of the cameras.

Waterproof disposable cameras- This is an easy gift that you can purchase from just about any drug store. Waterproof disposable cameras are pretty cheap and players can have fun snapping photos underwater.

Nail clippers- Water polo players have their nails inspected before every game and must have extremely short fingernails and toenails. This is an easy accessory to purchase from any drugstore. Consider buying the type that has a keychain ring so that players can attach to their keys or bag.

You can find many water polo specific trinkets online at
• Key Chain
• Stickers
• Magnet
• License plate frame
• Antenna ball