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ESPY Awards Best Sports Movie Nominees and Winners

Every year since 2002, ESPN has nomitated several movies for the best sports movie of the year. Below are the nominees and winners for each year. The winners are in bold.

ESPY Nominees & Winners 2002-2005

2005 ESPY nominees (go to 2005 ESPY site):
Cinderella Man
Coach Carter
Friday Night Lights (WINNER)
Million Dollar Baby

2004 ESPY nominees (go to 2004 ESPY site):
Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Miracle (WINNER)

2003 ESPY nominees (go to 2003 ESPY site):
Bend it Like Beckham (WINNER)
A Gentleman’s Game
Junction Boys
Like Mike
Poolhall Junkies

2002 ESPY nominees (go to 2002 ESPY site):
The Rookie (WINNER)
Joe and Max
Monday Night Mayhem

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