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Fan's Guide to Golf Rules and Basics Page 4 of 5 (Course)

1- History & Object
2- The Essentials (Scoring, Competion, etc.)
3- Equipment
4- Course Diagram
5- Glossary of Golf Terms


Field of Play

Golf diagram

A golf course is a large property divided into 18 holes. The first nine holes are called the “front nine” and the last nine holes are called the “back nine.” An average 18-hole course measures between 6,000 to 7,000 yards. Each hole is different on the course, and golf courses vary substantially, but there are some common features of a course:

Tee box: Area where golfers begin each hole.

Fairway: Shorter, manicured grass with a consistence surface that players attempt to stay on to get a good lie.

Rough: Longer grass off either side of the fairway, where it is difficult to hit the ball.

Out of bounds: The area outside the course where play is prohibited. A player is penalized for hitting the ball out of bounds; he must replay the shot with a penalty of one stroke. Also called O.B.

Hazards: Bodies of water (such as ponds), bunkers, and other obstacles that players try to avoid. Hazards are either difficult to play from (bunker) or result in a one-stoke penalty (water hazard).

Green: Manicured area of short grass surrounding the cup where players putt.

Fringe: Slightly longer grass surrounding the green.

Cup: The object of the game is to hit the ball into the cylindrical cup that is inserted into the ground on the green.

Pin: A stick with a flag attached, which is inserted into a hole to indicate the hole location to the players while the players are off the green.

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