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Prepare for Super Bowl XL

Here is a guide to prepare you for the superbowl in 20 minutes.

Super Bowl Do’s:
• Learn the basics on the SportSpectator Fan's Guide to Football page
• Read the following article outlining the match-up
• Memorize a few factoids or stats from this page and work them into the conversation on game-day
• Learn the lingo. Learn terms like blitz, touchback, rush, and sack on the football glossary page

Super Bowl Don’ts
• Don’t flip flop who you root for. Pick a team/reason and stick with it. See reasons below.
• Don’t pick your team because of the color. Don’t say that you just like the commercials (signs you don’t know the game) Instead, look for a connection to the team:
o City/State hometown of you or relative
o Player you like went to your college or like
o Root against the rival of your team
o OR root for a good game. It's ok to say that you don’t like either team but want to see a good game.


If you need help picking a team to like, try some of these reasons. Also, work some of these facts into a conversation on game day.

Reasons to like Pittsburg
• 1st sixth seed to make Super Bowl. Had a tough playoff run facing some of the top teams (Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Denver)
• QB Ben Rothlesberger. Would be the youngest quarterback to win the superbowl. Is only in his second season.
• RB Back Jerome Bettis, the “Bus” is a future hall of fame player, playing in Detroit, his home town, in what could be his last game.
• Coach Cowher has longest tenure (14 seasons) including losing season & the Bus has been at Pittsburg 10 seasons

Reasons to like Seattle
• Underdog, although they are the top seed
• First trip to the Super Bowl
• League MVP Shaun Alexander set the single season rushing TD record (28)
• Matt Hasselbeck highest QB rating in regular season
• Holmgren (coach) had Hasslebeck as a backup QB in Green Bay and like him so much that he traded to aquire him when Holmgren left to coach the Seahawks.

Super Bowl 40 stats
• Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburg Steelers
• Seahawks (Green & White), Steelers (Black & Yellow)
• Detroit
• Sun, Feb 5th 3pm
• Pittsburg favored by 4 points
• Over 130M people watched the Super Bowl last year
• The 10 most watched programs in TV history are all Super Bowls
• There are more Super Bowl parties than New Years Eve parties
• Less than 5% of people will watch the Super Bowl alone
• Broadcast in 182 countries
• Ads cost 2.5M for 30sec