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Baseball Box Score and Statistics

The box score will provide more detail about the game, highlighting individual performances and scoring summaries. You can find a box score online or in the newspaper.

Hitter: The name of the player and their position is listed in the left column. The order is also known as the line up. There are more than 9 players listed because of pinch hitters or other substitutions. The infield is first base (1B), second base (2B), short stop (SS), third base (3B), pitcher (P), and catcher (C). The outfield is right field (RF), center field (CF), and left field (LF).

AB: At bats. In general, the number of times a batter appeared by the plate, less a few circumstantial appearances (was walked, sacrifice fly or bunt, etc).

R: Runs. Number of times that runner crosses home plate and scores.

H: Hits. Number of times a batter reaches first base (not on an error or fielders choice). It is awarded right after touching first base (e.g. a runner thrown out going for a double still records a hit).

RBI: Runs Batted In. Number of runs that score as a result of that player's at bat. Some exceptions and special rules apply, but this description is a decent generalization.

BB: Base on balls. Also called a "walk." Number of times the batter advances to first base due to 4 balls being thrown by the pitcher. (full definition)

SO: Strike outs. Number of times a batter gets three strikes for a strike-out.

LOB: Left on base. Number of times that base-runner was left on base. (full definition)

AVG: Batting average. Hits per At bat. (full definition)

Some box scores will also highlight key performances, such as in the graphic below:

These highlights will include some of the following:

2B: Double. Batter able to reach second base.

3B: Triple: Batter able to reach third base.

HR: Home run. Batter reaches home plate.

DP: Double play.

E: Error.

HBP: Hit by pitch.

SF: Sacrifice fly.

CS: Caught stealing.

SB: Stolen base.

LOB: Left on base.

GIDP: Ground into double play.

Below is a graphic of pitching statistics.

IP: Innings pitched.

H: Hits allowed by pitcher

R: Runs allowed by pitcher.

ER: Earned runs. A run for which that pitcher was responsible.

BB: Base on Balls. Number of walks that pitcher gave up.

SO: Strike outs. Number of strike outs thrown.

HR: Home run: Number of home runs given up by that pitcher.

ERA: Average earned runs per 9 innings pitched. 9 x (ER/IP).