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Baseball Rules

SportSpectator guides were created to fill the educational needs of the novice fan. Unlike a rulebook, they are clear and concise; taking only about 10-minutes to read. You can order our guides by clicking:
SportSpectator Baseball Fan’s Guide

If you are interested in the official rules of baseball, focus on this following information. Baseball is an interesting sport in terms of rules. More so than most sports, the rules of baseball stem from one major source: the Official Rules of Baseball (OBR). OBR regulations have been adapted at the youth level all the way to professional baseball. One exception is that high school rules, governed by NFHS, have their own book with additioal rules to promote safety.

Organization Level Description  
MLB Pro Official Baseball Rules (OBR) is the predominate rulebook for baseball and is used from the youth to the professional level (with the exception of high school). Online
NCAA College College basketball is governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Its rule book is available online for free. Online
NFHS High School The National Federation of State High School Assocations (NFHS) is the national governing body of high school sports. Its rule books are not offered online, but can be purchased from the website for $6.75. Federation rules are published by the NFHS and, in general, are similar to the OBR rules, except that it has additional rules to promote safety. Some youth leagues follow FED rules. Purchase
  Youth Links to youth rules (Little League, Dixie, Babe Ruth, etc.) will be coming shortly.  

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SportSpectator Fan's Guide to Baseball

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