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Advance Work: Teach Them and They Will Come
Sports guides aim to get parents hooked on athletics

By Julie Nicklin Rubley
Council for Adancement and Support of Education (CASE) Currents Newsletter
May, 2006

A new company, SportSpectator, is offering sports brochures that can engage parents in institutions' athletics programs--and raise money.

A handful of independent schools and colleges are finding that they can increase interest in their sports programs—and potentially build their donor bases—by tutoring parents in the ABCs of athletics.

A new company, SportSpectator, offers brochures that schools can use both to educate parents about sports and raise funds. The laminated brochures highlight the history, rules, positions, and strategies of 15 different sports—from baseball to water polo.

Bryan Jones, the company’s founder, thinks these brochures will build true fans who attend games because they understand and enjoy the sport—and that could mean greater support for the institution in the future. In addition, the brochures can generate ad revenue from local businesses that pay to have their business cards in one of the six slots in each brochure. A community wrestling team in Colorado, for example, raised $1,650 from local businesses using this tactic.

“I’m trying to educate as many parents and fans as possible, and that will increase attendance at games, loyalty to sports, and interest in their kids’ games,” Jones says. “And then there’s always the benefit of the fund-raising component.”