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Rules of the Game
San Diego Union Tribune- March 30, 2006

Bryan Jones is the publisher of "SportSpectator Guide to Sports," a series of guides that teach regular folks the rules of sports. He's our Street artist of this week.

(text on right of image is enlarged below the image)

Who: Publishes “SportSpectator Guide to Sports,” a series of guides that teach regular people the rules of sports.

Age: 28.

Hangs out: “Sports bars (La Jolla Brewhouse, Oggi’s and Moondoggies) and bowling alleys when I can convince people to join me.”

Best place for lunch: “I’m a big fan of the #11 lunch special (Chicken Pad Thai) at Spices Thai Cafe in Carmel Valley.”

Favorite local bands: “Rick Lyon at the Imperial House in Bankers Hill is great. He plays cover songs on his keyboard on Friday and Saturday nights.”

Last song you downloaded? “The UCLA fight song. My wife and I played it at our wedding in September at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla when we entered the reception hall. We’re both Bruins.”

Clicks:, of course. My daily cycle includes: Yahoo for news, Google for search, E*Trade for stocks and for sports. I’m also just starting to get into the social networking sites. I recently created a page on MySpace, and I am amused by some of the quirky personality tests on”

Plays: “I minored in Mario Kart in college. Lately, I’m more of a New Tetris guy. If
you’re a Tetris fan, this game adds a whole new dimension.”

Watches: “ ‘SportsCenter,’ ‘Simpsons,’ ‘West Wing’ and sports (mainly college
and pro football and basketball).”

Reads: “In general, I read legal thrillers and nonfiction. My New Year’s resolution
for 2006 is to read a book every week. So far I’m a book behind. It’s tougher than I
thought it would be.”

Loves: “My wife, family, friends, cat (Kula) and dog (Curry). I love being passionate
about my career. I wake up excited every day running my own business and knowing
that my work improves the youth sports experience. I also love UCLA, sports, traveling and pasta.”

Hates: “Drivers who don’t give a courtesy wave when they cut you off or you let them go in front of you in traffic.”